CUBA LIBRE! Customize Your Cultural Experience To Cuba!

So close, but frozen in time for Americans in a bygone era, Cuba’s deep culture, friendly people and majestic landscapes is worth the visit.  Learn about agricultural trades side by side a Cuban cowboy through the roaming farmlands, practice some new baseball skills with aspiring Cuban baseball players or birdwatch for some of Cuba’s beautiful endemic bird species. Meet with Cuba’s medical researchers or doctors face to face and learn about their advancements and worldwide contributions to disease and community health. Or spend time in Cuba’s world famous music and dance academies.

Experience Cuba as an ordinary Cuban in an immersive tour and cultural exchange on a wide offering of subject matters.

Trips 4 Fundraising is now offering tailor made fundraising trips to Cuba!

Take your board, members, students or volunteers or auction or raffle a trip

at your next fundraiser. We will work with you to customize an experience

of your choosing. Experiences can include but are not limited to:

Cuban Modern Art

Cuban Medicine

Cuban Traditional, Modern or Classic Music

American Classic Cars

Current Events

Cuban History and Architecture

Cuban Traditional, Modern or Classic Dance

Cuban Wildlife

Cuban Handicrafts

World Heritage Sites

National Parks

Cigar, Coffee and Rum Making

Cuban Cuisine




Social Welfare


Ernest Hemmingway

Natural History



Includes People to People License!

What does “People-to-People” Cuba travel mean?

People-to-People travel is an initiative allowing U.S.

citizens to travel to Cuba on a limited basis to participate

in cultural experiences and have direct contact with the

Cuban people to learn more about them and their

culture, while they learn about the American way of

life. People-to-People activities focus

on education and cultural exchange as you meet Cuban

birders, volunteers, scientists and more.