How long has Trips 4 Fundraising been in the nonprofit fundraising business?

Since 2005, we began the program under Oro Azul LLC. Due to the growth, popularity and support of the Oro Azul Vacation Package Fundraising Program, in 2009 we launched our own website,

What kind of non profit organizations do you work with? 

We work with nonprofits across the country of all sizes including universities, humane societies, community organizations that work on many different causes such as medical research, environmental issues, community outreach, elder care, animal care, children’s causes, education, the arts, among many others.

How will working with Trips4 Fundraising benefit my organization?

There are a number of ways. We can provide a trip, raffle item or several trips for your auction fundraiser or provide an entire travel auction for a fundraising event such as a dinner, luncheon, golf tournament or other gathering. Organizations keep 100% of funds raised over the reserve amount. We’ve been working with non profit fundraisers since 2005. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients and travelers are satisfied. We are flexible and can also custom tailor trips with upgrades.

Does our organization have to pay for the travel packages up front before we enter them in our auction?

No. Your organization doesn’t have to purchase the packages until 30 days after your auction has taken place and you have collected payment from winning bidders. You pay reserve amounts only for those sold.

Are your trips associated with time shares?


Do your packages include airfare?

No. However some of our clients have successfully coupled our trips with donated airline tickets or air miles.

How many people can travel on the packages?

Most of our samples have been created for between two to sixteen people; however, travelers can upgrade and add additional nights and additional people for an extra fee.

Do you ship the certificates to us or to our recipients?

We provide your organization with a certificate before your fundraising event to issue to your winning recipients.

Do our winning recipients book their travel through Trips 4 Fundraising?

Yes. All reservations must go through and be confirmed by Trips 4 Fundraising before recipients can travel. Email is preferred method of communication to handle reservations.

Do you have references?

Yes, available upon request.

Are the trips exchangeable and extendable?

Yes, all trips can be exchanged for other trips in our catalog and extended additional years for a fee.

Risk free international vacations for non profit organizations and fundraising events