First step is for your fundraising event committee to select experiences to auction, then T4F sends certificates pre-event for winning bidders. Trips must meet a reserve amount unique to each trip. Charity keeps 100% of bids above the reserve.

For example, if a package reserve is $1500 and you sell it for $3200, then you keep $1700 and send $1500 to Trips4Fundraising.
Packages are not associated with time shares and our booking process is simple, requiring an email with exact desired travel dates within the expiration time of the package.
Charities normally make between $400 and $4000 off each package at a well attended event.
Organizations can enter as many trips as they feel will receive bids on.
Our team will provide you with first class service along with insight on how to increase the net revenue of your fundraiser. We also handle reservations for your winners following your event.
You must use the package text details on our promotional flyers exactly how it is written. We assume no responsibility for any changes made to text.
You have the liberty to start bidding at any price, knowing that it must sell for at least our reserve for a sale to occur.
The week following your event, we need to know by email, what packages sold and to who. Upon receipt of our invoice, payment is due to Trips 4 Fundraising 30 days after your event.
Our packages are exchangeable, extendable and non-refundable.
Reservations are based upon availability.

Risk free international vacations for non profit organizations and fundraising events