Janie‘s trip to the Emmy’s in Los Angeles

Janie took her Trips 4 Fundraising charity trip to the Emmy’s and celebrity gifting lounge

September 17th and 18th and had a blast!

“We had such a great time!  The Eco Emmy Lounge was really fun.  We met so many interesting people and everyone was so friendly.  We ended up taking a limo to the Emmys even though we were only steps from the Nokia.  Unfortunately they had the street blocked so we would have had to walk several blocks to get there.  The traffic was terrible and we got there literally in the nick of time and rushed into the theatre and took our seats…so, we didn’t really get to experience the red carpet (It was crazy anyway!).  Oddly enough, many people approached me and asked what show I was on!  My husband got the biggest kick out of watching people watch me and the paparazzi followed me and photographed me when we came out of the Nokia!  It was a riot!  Anyway, thank you so much for everything!
Janie”  Janie we are thrilled you had such a great time and you looked stunning!!
Thanks for sharing your experience!