Kristin Bauer and Hubby, Abri Van Straten, Vacation at the Moornings in the Florida Keys

Courtesy of Kristin Bauer and Abri Van Straten.

Trips4Fundraising was delighted to arrange a relaxing autumn getaway for Kristin Bauer, who stars as “Pam” on the hit series “True Blood” and her husband, South African musician, Abri Van Straten.

“Abri and I feel so lucky to have found, thanks to Trips4Fundraising, a real oasis in the Florida Keys, The Moorings. This was exactly what I needed — a peaceful, beautiful, private place to unplug. There are 18 private homes secluded in a coconut grove in Islamorada, on the water, with a white sand beach. We biked, we kayaked, we snorkeled, and lounged during the day and at night we walked over to their two lovely restaurants right on the Gulf. It’s an amazing place, our cottage was on the Atlantic and a block away, on the other side of the key, is the Gulf – so we saw the sun rise for breakfast and set for dinner. Truly an oasis! I cannot think of a better word to describe this find or recommend The Moorings enough. Thank you so much to Trips4Fundraising and also The Moorings for the prefect restoration before heading back to work in Los Angeles.”
-Kristin and Abri

The Moorings is an 18-acre property harboring 18 cottages and homes on what was once a coconut plantation. Ranging from one to three bedrooms, each residence is a short walk from 1,100 feet of crystalline white sand- one of the largest and most beautiful private beaches in The Florida Keys. From the beach you can experience the thrill of wind surfing or the serenity of kayaking across the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic. Life at The Moorings is quiet and simple. You can do a lot, or if you choose, nothing at all. By staying a The Moorings, we believe you’ll get an honest taste of what life is all about in the laid-back American Caribbean islands called the Florida Keys.

Kristin and Abri, thanks for vacationing with us, and shaing your experience. We are happy you had a relaxing break from filming and performing.

And a BIG Thank you to all at the Moornings for taking care of our special guests!