Liatris on Assignment in Costa Rica Day 2

I should probably tell you that Howler Monkeys do not howl. The sound they make is more a cross between a roar and a bark. They wait until the gloaming, when the light is unreal, then sing again at dawn. The second morning we were awakened by howlers and cicadas again, but this was a good thing since we planned to leave for Corcovado National Park at 0700 hr. The Bahiaaverturas company sent a car for us at La Cusinga. We and our new traveling pals piled in and enjoyed hearing about the potential sitings for the day. We had rented a car primarily because we thought we had to get ourselves to the Oso Peninsula for this tour, but such was not the case. I would suggest again that you check out Easy Ride or another transfer company instead of renting a car.
We rode to Sierpe where we saw Scarlet Macaws. Also in Sierpe, a boat awaited us. Not only did we not need a car, we were going by boat! I love boats. Since only four La Cusinga customers were taking this tour on this day, we joined another company for the boat ride, but Reymer gave the four of us a tour that included botany, history, biology and zoology. He obviously understands and respects the jungle. He had snuck up on a Puma the day before! The scariest thing we saw was a crocodile which I learned about AFTER we swam in the poza below his pool, thank heavens (and Reymer!)