Kat Graham´s Bali Travel Guide

Kat Graham’s Bali Travel Guide
29-year-old actress Kat Graham channels a little Eat, Pray, Love in Bali

The Swiss-born, US-based actress shares the places to stay and the things to see in one of her favorite places on earth


y earliest memory of Bali was a magazine tear I grabbed as a little girl and kept for years. It was a place that I always dreamed about going to and it will stay with me forever. There is no place like it. The people are so kind and it’s very spiritual; I love all the temples and offerings they have in front of every home and business. I love the beaches and how free the animals are, there are monkeys everywhere. There’s something really freeing about Bali.”

For a heavenly hotel…

“The Plataran Canggu is amazing; we had our own villa with a pool and an incredible bath that overlooked the lush jungle outside. They took me to the local market where I picked up ingredients and we cooked in the outdoor kitchen with the resort’s chef. I also had the most relaxing massages in the spa. Further south, close to the beaches, is the equally beautiful Shanti Residences: a chic boutique hotel, off a beaten path and hidden in the hills. The pool at our villa had its own mini waterfall!”

Kat Graham’s Bali Travel Guide
Graham had a traditional Balinese cooking lesson at Plataran Canggu, where she stayed in a pool villa

For incredible views

“There are spectacular views outside the villa at The Plataran: it’s nothing but green. In the morning you wake up and hear the local women making an offering at a temple nearby. I also took some of my favorite photos at the magnificent Uluwatu Temple in Pecatu. You walk up these very narrow stairs to the top, and it overlooks an incredible cliff before the ocean that seems to go on forever.”

For night life…

“In the evenings, the neighbourhood around Plataran Canggu is magical. There are alleys that turn into full communities; small neighborhood bars right next to women cooking dinner for their families.”

Kat Graham’s Bali Travel Guide
Thirty minutes drive from Shanti Residence, the hilltop Uluwatu Temple is a must-visit

For souvenirs…

“I love shopping in Ubud, you can find all of your tourist needs there. In Bali they pride themselves on their wooden sculpture work and their craftsmanship. I bought these incredible hand-painted kites shaped like large colorful dragons, as well as beautiful traditional circular purses made out of straw, and a handmade puppet of Pinocchio.”

Kat Graham’s Bali Travel Guide
Graham picked up handcrafted wooden ornaments while shopping in Ubud

For a one-off experience

“I visited Ketut Liyer’s House – I watched a little too much Eat, Pray, Love [before my trip] and had to go see the palm reader [who was featured in the book and film]! When you walk in, it’s a cute little village of homes. We took off our shoes and we sat on the ground and had a beautiful experience.”

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